About Kushma

Kushma is the district headquarter of Parbat district which lies on the edge of the Kaligandaki River. Kushma Municipality was established in 2014 with the merger of 8 village development committees.  Kushma lies in the western part of Nepal and is only 60 KM far from Pokhara. Which is one of the popular tourist destinations. The height of Kuhsma is only 1294 from sea level. There are two major rivers that flow by the edge of Kushma: which are Kaligandaki River and the Modi River. 

Kaligandaki river is also known for being one of the deepest gorges in the world. And also about Kushma is the old route that used to connect the two popular towns: Baglung and Pokhara, previously before the road transportation was not constructed. Kushma is also renowned for the longest suspension bridge in Nepal. The longest suspension bridge is 334 Meters which connects Kushma and Gyadichour village. The bridge is over the Kaligandaki River. 

Recently Kushma is also known for the World’s Second highest bungee jump in Nepal. The height of the Kushma Bungee Jump is 228 Meters and it is built in a suspension bridge of 520 Meters. It is a viral domestic tourist destination these days.  

Located at Kushma – Balewa over the depth of Kaligandaki river, it is also known as Yantrik Pool. Having a carrying capacity of 8 people, this cable car is 550m long with a speed of 3m per second. It has a 32KVA of the generator and the type of lift is gig-back. The distance between the two stations is 45m. It provides a stunning view of hills, mountains, waterfalls, etc from the window and runs over the holy river, Kaligandaki. However, because of the shortage of electric power, sometimes visitors have to face inconvenience while traveling through cable cars. Besides this, Kushma can be the best place to have the experience of a cable car with a lot of fun.