Sky Cycling Kushma

Sky Cycling Kushma is one of the added attractions you can enjoy after Bungee Jump and Swing. Kushma’s Sky Cycling is the world’s longest and highest one which is operated by The Cliff. The length of SkyCycle is 300 meters. The height of Sky Cycle is 255 Meters high from the Kaligandiki River so that you can get thrilled and excited during this 15 mins cycle ride. The rope length is 300 Meters so from point one to point two. 

You need to paddle the cycle to cross from point one to point two which is challenging itself in that height. Sky Cycle is a new sport in Nepal where you can experience which is filled with thrill.

Price of Sky Cycling Kushma 

You need to pay NPR 2500 per person for sky Cycling in Kushma for all nationals. If you have done Bungee jump or Swing then you will get 20 % discount in the quoted price. 

And regarding photo/video then you need to pay extra NPR 500 per person which is again optional. 

Reservation of Sky Cycling in Kushma 

Advance reservation is not needed for Sky Cycling in normal days however we request you to make a a reservation during holidays and weekends.