Kushma Swing Package

Kushma Swing Package is another popular activity you can do in The Cliff. Couple Swing Kushma Rate for Nepali is also available in The Cliff. Kushma Swing is the world’s highest swing which is 228 meters in height. We are also offering Tandem Swing for couples who want to do it jointly. There is some restriction in the Tandem swing, the total weight of the couple should not be more than 140 KG in total. 

Package Name Kushma Swing at The Cliff 
Swing Height 228 Meters 
Swing Cost 7000 per person
Free Fall 5 Sec
Swing Maximum Weight 140 KG
Swing Minumam Weight 38 KG 
Tanden Swing Cost 140 KG in total 
Photo, Video & T-shirt Rs 1500 per person 

The same spot of Bungee Jump will be used for Swing. Our rope master will allocate the time frame and schedule your jump. Normally there will be less Swingers compared to Bungee Jumpers. 

The 567 Meters suspension bridge height of 228 Meters over the Kaligandaki river itself is an amazing thing. This is the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge. And also Kaligandaki is the world’s deepest gorge in the world. 

Kushma Swing Package Price Details

Kushma Swing Price for Nepali Rs 7000 Per Person Rs 1500 for Photo, Video and t-shirt
2nd Time Swing Price  Rs 3500 per person Same jumper must 
3rd Time Swing Price  Rs 2500 per person Same Jumper Must
4th Time Swing Price  FREE Same Jumper Must 
Tandem Swing Price for Nepali Rs 12000 Rs 2500 for Photo, Video and t-shirt
Swing for Foreigners US $ 140  Rs 1500 for Photo, Video and t-shirt