13 Tips for Kushma Bungee Jump

Here we have 13 Tips for Kushma Bungee Jump you can avoid before the jump happens. Kushma Bungee Jump is the world’s second-highest bungee jump and number one natural bungee jump with a height of 228 meters.

A large number of travelers visit Kushma for bungee jump and swing after the opening to enjoy adventure sports. Being affordable and easy to access, the Kushma bungee jump is popular among domestic travelers along with international.

We have mentioned 13 Tips for Kushma Bungee Jump which might be essential for travelers beforehand so that they can avoid it during their visit.

Book your Jump in Advance

We highly suggest the travelers make a reservation in advance for the bungee jump in Kushma due to the flow to travelers. There is a limited quota per day allocated discussing with bungee master and management so that a large number of jumpers cannot enjoy the jump on the same day.

Bungee Jump is not about just a jump, it’s all about the safety of adventure seekers so on average, it takes 10 minutes for a jump to complete which is quite time-consuming.

A large number of travelers believe that they can enjoy bungee paying on the spot which is quite wrong so that they need to return back home without doing the sport. So, paying for a sport and securing the seat is a wise idea so that you can travel with ease and enjoy the world’s second bungee jump in your style.

Kushma Bungee

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Either it’s a bungee jump or any other sport, wearing comfortable clothes is a must. Wear clothes like shirts and pants with shoes during the jump. We don’t recommend you to wear clothes like skirts, formal dresses or high hill.

Don’t Overeat Before the Jump

If you are prepared for the jump then don’t overeat beforehand. We strongly suggest you take your lunch after the jump so that dipping down in the valley with face down might be a complex situation with a heavy stomach.

We suggest our travelers take breakfast and prepare for the jump so that they don’t feel uncomfortable.

Avoid Carrying Your Valuables

We don’t suggest our jumper to do a jump with some of the precious jewelers, cellphones in the pocket, watch, wallet, or some other valuable items with them during the jump.

You might be stuck or pulled by the rope during the jump and in danger of losing it. On that note, we highly recommend our travelers to take off before the jump and put it into the locker or handover to your trusted partner.

Don’t think too much when you’re there

Staying on the edge of a bridge whose height is 228 meters and thinking might be scary. So, don’t think too much – watch ahead and take a leap and enjoy the fall which you are waiting for a long span of time.

Thinking about height helps you to keep out of stress during this jump so we strongly suggest travelers not to take stress about the height and jump and just enjoy it. In this way, you can make it.

Don’t expect to have a picture-perfect form 

Bungee Jump is all about adventure and fun so you can’t have a perfect picture of these adventure sports. Like the other sports, you can’t pose during the jump and make the perfect one.

Try to stretch your hand during the jump as much as you can instead of sticking to the rope so that the GoPro attached to your wrist can capture all the movement. And another angel with be captured from the top of the bridge by the professional cameraman.

Don’t worry about the first Bounce

Once you make a jump from the bridge, you can enjoy the free fall of 4 seconds in Kushma bungee. Once the freefall is over, you will be bouncing back to the bridge which is the scariest and unexpected part for the bungee jumpers.

Don’t worry about this first bounce, try to enjoy the first bounce freely with a scream or other ways you would like to.

Always Look Straight- Never Look Down

If you are a person with Acrophobia then we don’t recommend you to watch down before the jump. Looking side by and straight ahead before leaving the deck. This helps you to boost your confidence.

Trust and Listen the Jump Instructors

Bungee Masters is the expert of this industry so always listen to their instruction before the jump. Either it’s about how to jump or the process of how you can get flip once the jump is over.

If you don’t listen to the instruction carefully, you might get stucked middle of nowhere facing your head down so the instruction of the jumpmaster is crucial.

If You Can’t Make It, Fake It

It is a kind of tough job to smile during the jump from the height of 228 meters. Some jumpers just get their tamed face captured in the camera so we suggest you smile in the camera which is attached to your wrist. Watching the video of scarry face later might be an awkward situation.

So there is nothing wrong with faking and smiling in front of the camera. Talk with the camera and express your feeling instead of an idol being pulled from the top. 

Smile and don’t stress

Adventure is all about fun so instead of taking fear, enjoy the jump. Don’t take too much stress once you are prepared for the jump.

Be confident and smile, you can do it and you have to so that you can tell the world you are not a chicken heart person.

Walk like Penguin and fly like a bird

Until you have attempted a couple of times for bungee or trailed for it, we don’t suggest you take a random jump. We instruct our jumper to walk like a penguin and fly like a bird during this bungee jump process.

Taking long steps and random jumps is strictly for new jumpers so avoid any types of incidents.

Buy the Pictures and Video

Adventure is all about the memory and ticking off the bucket list and capturing the memory in digital format can really help you to last. We highly recommend our travelers purchase the photo and video of the jump.

High-quality photos and videos will be offered by the management which can be helpful to post for social media and share with family and friends.