Kushma Bungee Jump

Kushma Bungee Jump is Nepal’s highest bungee and the world’s second-highest bungee Jump which scales the height of 228 Meters. Kushma Bungee jump spot is located on the border of Baglung and the Kushma district of Nepal. These two districts are connected by the 520 Meter suspension bridge in the George of Kaligandaki river. There are other two bungee jump spots in Nepal besides this, The Last Resort and High-ground Bungee Jump respectively of 160 Meters and 70 Meters.

Kushma Bungee Jump Fact Sheet

Trip Name Kushma Bungee Jump
Bungee Location Kushma, Nepal
Kushma Bungee Height 228 Meters
Bungee Freefall Time 4.5 Second
Bungee Price Rs 7000 per person
Photo/ Video/T-shirt Rs 1500 per person
Bungee Bridge Length 520 Meters
Bungee Weight Limit – Minimum 38 KG
Bungee Weight Limit – Maximum 140 KG
Couple Swing Weight Limit 140 KG in total

The Bungee Jump of Kushma holds the world’s second-highest bungee jump in the world after The AJ Hackett Macau Tower Bungy Jump which is 232 meters in height. Compared to these two-bungee jumps, Nepal bungee jump rate is cheap and easily accessible. Kushma Bungee can be part of your 1-day tour activities after your trek is completed.

Kushma Bungee Jump

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For the bungee lovers, the good news is that the Kushma Bungee Jumping location is only 60 KM in distance from Pokhara. It can be reached within 2 hours from Pokhara. The road is pretty narrow compared to other roads and the government is maintaining the road so, in near future, it can be a perfect scenic drive tour for the visitors.

Rate of Kushma Bungee Jump

Kushma Bungee has now officially started their operation on 31st October 2020. Now the adventure loves and challenges themselves from the height of 228 Meters either by bungee jump or a swing.

In the opening time period, the rate is only published for 3 months valid period for different nationals. Nepalese citizens can feel the adventure by paying Rs 7000 per person for Bungee Jump in Kushma. Besides this, if you would like to collect video, photo along with a t-shirt for memories then extra Rs 1500 is applied.

The good news is that, if you want to do the bungee jump again on the same day then you will get a discounted price. Second time bungee jumper on the same day will receive a 50 % discount on the previously paid price and for the third time, a 75 % discount will be given. After doing it three times, you will receive the 4th jump free of cost.

You can mention this during your booking period or once you do it there. Both options are open for you.

Here goes the special rate of Bungee Jumping in Kushma below:

Bungee Package Name Price Per Person Optional Picks
Kushma Bungee Jump Rate for Nepali Rs 7000 Photo, Video & T-shirt
Kushma Bungee Jump Rate for Foreigners Rs 7000 Photo, Video & T-shirt
Second-time same day same bungee jumper Rs 3500  
Third-time same day same bungee jumper Rs 2500  
Fourth-time same day same bungee jumper FREE  

Kushma Bungee Jump Schedule

Bungee jump in Kushma is normally scheduled to starts from 08:00 AM in the winter days and for the overnight guest, it can be started from 07:00 AM in the summertime. We cannot exactly mention the timing but these are the normal timings for bungee starting.

Here we will give you the information regarding how this trip is organized once you enter the premises of The Cliff.

Once you are on our premises then you need to ask our front desk regarding your reservation or display your service voucher to our staff. Once the front desk checks your details then your process starts for the bungee jump.

Kushma Bungee Jump

We will be checking your blood pressure and ask if you are taking serious medicine for illnesses like high blood pressure, sugar, nerve pain, asthma, broken leg recently, serious health injury, and so on for your safety purpose.

Once this task is completed, you will give a waiver form to sign for bungee. After this, our experts will give you a safety class and how to perform bungee once you are on the bridge. On this task is also competed, your weight will be measured and allocated to you in different groups according to your weight. You will be marked in your hand as per your weight.

Our rope technician will decide which weight people will go first for the jump which is allocated it previously. And the group of 5 people with the same weight will be taken to the bridge and the rest can enjoy the other bungee from the edge of the Kaligandaki river edge.

In this way, your jump schedule will be fixed for the jumping day. You will receive a tentative jump time of yours so that you can enjoy the other activities as your interest before that.

Kushma Bungee Rate of Nepalese

In this promotional time period, here goes the special rate for Nepali as below. You can enjoy the Kusham Bungee for 6 days of the week. The bungee jump will be closed on Monday so we are not taking reservations for Monday.

Bungee Package for Nepali Price Per Person Optional Picks
Kushma Bungee Jump Rate for Nepali Rs 7000 Photo, Video & T-shirt
Second-time same day same bungee jumper Rs 3500  
Third-time same day same bungee jumper Rs 2500  
Fourth-time same day same bungee jumper FREE  

Kushma Bungee Jump Photo and Video

If you are taking part in any of the activities and if you don’t have any photos and videos then your trip is only captured in your memory without it. Sometimes you also lack the quality and the frame of the picture of your event so we assist you to make a memory of your adventure.

Kushma Bungee Jump
Areal View of The Cliff Resort along with Kushma Bungee Jump suspension bridge.

We are offering a combo package of Rs 1500 per person for Photo, Video and along with this, you will also receive a t-shirt at the same price.

Once your trip is completed, you can collect it from our front desk. It is totally optional for you since nobody will force you to purchase it.

The good thing is that you also can decide whether you will buy it or not. We will keep all the videos and pictures for 2 weeks so you can place your order within the mentioned time frame. We are happy to send it to you in your email or drive.

How the photo and videos of the event are Captured?

They mainly use two gadgets for video and photo. One from the top of the bridge and another is attached in our hand. DSLR camera captures the video from the top of the bridge and Go-pro is used to capture the movement of your face closely which is attached to the hand.

Personal gadgets are not allowed to use in the time of bungee jump. If you want to use the personal one to capture the photo/video then the same cost applies and use can use the gadgets.

Day Trip from Pokhara

Kushma Bungee Jump can be the perfect day trip if you have spare time for a day in Pokhara. Pokhara to Kushma bungee is only 60 KM in distance and can be covered within 2 hours’ drive.

Day trip cost Rs 1450 per person extra which includes both way transfer on sharing basis. And besides this, you will also receive lunch in the resort which is part of the package.

07:00 AM: Drive from Hallanchowk, Lakeside to Kushma Bungee operated by The Cliff Pvt Ltd.

09:00 AM: Reach the Bungee Jump and the documentation process starts.

10:00 AM: Time slot will be allocated according to weight and bungee jump in Kushma.

12:30 PM: Lunch in the resort.

03:00 PM: Drive back to Pokhara.

In this way, your day trip ends here.

Kushma Bungee Jump Itinerary

Planning for doing a bungee and wondering how to conduct a tour then we do have a custom itinerary for you. We offer Kushma Bungee Package from Kathmandu too for our guests. 

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to The Cliff, Overnight in the Resort.

We will drive early on the bus from Kathmandu to Kushma. The travel journey will be around 9 hours by Toyota Coaster Bus on sharing basis. Bus leaves at 07:00 AM from Gongabu Bus Park and reaches approx. 04:00 PM. Free evening time to explore the Kushma Bazar. Overnight in the resort.

Day 2: Early morning bungee and breakfast in the resort and back to Kathmandu.

Wake up in the morning and have breakfast in the hotel. Once the breakfast is over, we will move towards the document process for the Bungee jump. After completing the document process, your weight will be measured and the time slot will be offered for the jump.

Once the bungee jump is over, we will drive back to Kathmandu the same day with the bus from Kushma to Kathmandu.

Note: We can add sightseeing and other adventure activities like Paragliding, Zipper Flyer, Boating in Phewa Lake, Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter tour in the mentioned itinerary.

Day tour from Pokhara also can be conducted as follow: we will leave the Pokhara hotel after breakfast and drive to Kushma Bungee which is only 2 hours drive. Once we reach there, we will do the Bungee and drive back to Pokhara in the evening.

Weight limit for Bungee Jump in Kushma

Weight is the major factor of Bungee jump in terms of rope allotment and time slot. Once you reach the resort premises, your weight will be taken and then only the bungee jump procedure starts.

You need to be at least 38 KG for Bungee Jump in the least and 140 KG for Maximum. People with this weight limit are only allowed to jump from the bridge of Kushma.

And if you looking for a Couple Swing in Kushma then the maximum weight limit is 140 KG in total. If the weight exceeded then 118 KG then we don’t permit to jump from the bridge for safety reasons.

Kushma Bungee Jump

Best Time for Kushma Bungee Jump

You don’t need any specific seasons and time for these adventurous bungee jump sports. 365 days a year is perfect if you are planning to do it. Having said that, around the year, November to April are the highly recommended months for a bungee jump.

Pleasant weather conditions, lush green forest, clear views, sunny days are best for bungee jump in Kushma. In the rest of the months, the monsoon starts in Nepal so there might be disturbance by rain and wind blow.

High wind and rain are good for these adventure sports. The bridge is located in the George of Kaligandaki river so during April, May, June, the high wind blows after mid-day which makes a little bit shaky bridge for the jump.

How to reach Kushma Bungee Jump?

Reaching Kushma bungee jump from different locations differs as per your mode of transfer and budget. There are mainly two modes of transfer to reach Kushma from your location. Daily local buses, private mode of transfer, Motorbike and the major transfer to reach Kushma.

Sharing Transfer from Kathmandu: If you are traveling from Kathmandu then daily buses from Kathmandu to Kushma is available. Buses leave at 07:00 AM from Gongabu Bus Park, Kathmandu towards Kushma and reach 04:00 PM in Kushma. Bus stops in the different sport for breakfast and lunch in the travel period.

Sharing Transfer from Pokhara: Daily private sharing transfer is available from Pokhara. The Cliff Pvt Ltd offers transfer services from Pokhara to Bungee jump in Kushma. The vehicle leaves towards Kushma at 07:00 AM sharp from Hallanchowk and reaches Kushma at 09:00 AM. This will be a way transfer at the cost of Rs 1450 per person. It also includes lunch in the resort.

Private Transfer: Private car rental is the best and swift way to reach Kushma from Kathmandu or Pokhara. Car drive takes approx. 7 hours to reach Kushma from Kathmandu. And from Pokhara, it takes around 1.5 hours to reach. The distance from Pokhara to Kushma is only 60 KM. So, Car rental to reach Kushma is perfect for luxury travel lovers.

Motorbike: If you want to experience the hilly area drive-in Nepal the hiring a motorbike is the best option for 2. A motorbike costs US $ 15 per day and the only extra expense is the fuel you need to reload.

Kushma Bungee Jump with Private Transfer Pax No Cost
Bungee Jump in Kushma with Car Rental 1 Rs 12000
Bungee Jump in Kushma with Car Rental 2 Rs 9500
Bungee Jump in Kushma with Car Rental 3 Rs 8700

Vehicle Rental Price for Kushma Bungee

Vehicle Type Seat Capacity Rental Price
Car 1-3 Person Rs 5000
Jeep 4-7 Person Rs 9000
Hiace/ Van 8-14 Rs 12000
Coaster 15-24 Rs 17000
Bus 25-39 Ra 18000

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Kushma Bungee Jump Trip Booking

Bungee Jump in Kushma can be booked via phone or email. However, in both cases, we need the full payment to confirm your reservation. As per new company policy, all the payments needed to be done in advance.

Payment can be done via different money wallets like eSewa, Khalti, IME PAY, or transferring to our bank account via IPS or visiting a near branch. We promote paying online instead of visiting our office physically because of the COVID19 pandemic.

And the last option is to make a payment by visiting our office locations.

Where to Stay in Kushma 

Planning for a Bungee Jump and looking for accommodation in Kusham then there are limited options in Kushma. The Cliff also offers a tented room for overnight stay guests. There are two types of accommodation in The Cliff: Standard Room and Deluxe Room.

Deluxe Room

Kushma Bungee Jump Deluxe room

For those wanting to experience the essence of the outdoors without compromising on the creature comforts of an upscale hotel room,  Deluxe Tents offer the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Kali Gandaki canyon await in the pleasantly furnished veranda. Deluxe Room is equipped with en suite bathrooms, comfortable mattresses, and handcrafted furnishings for a cushy glamping retreat.

Standard Room

Kushma Bungee Jump Standard Room

Standard Rooms are specially designed to accommodate families or a group of friends. Standard Tents offer a cozy and comfortable setup. They are equipped with two comfy sofa beds, a bunk bed, and locally handcrafted furnishings, with conveniently located common bathrooms.

Booking Terms and Conditions 


For new bookings, our standard cancellation policy is; Cancellation more than 48 hours in advance = 100% refund Cancellation less than 48 hours in advance = 50% refund. If you fail to arrive for your scheduled booking time your booking will be non-refundable. Please check your activity details carefully for your report time. A full refund will be provided if the jumpers aren’t able to jump due to technical issues, bad weather, or natural disaster.


Before you jump, make sure you’re well-rested, hydrated, and have recently eaten. Tell your Bungy Crew if you have any of the following; -High or low blood pressure – High myopia – Heart condition – Epilepsy -Broken or fractured bones/dislocations – Fragile skin – Neurological disorders – Diabetes – Asthma – Prosthetics – Panic/anxiety attacks – Any recent sprains/muscular injuries.

Please note the above list does not automatically exclude you from our activities, and the list is not exhaustive. If you have concerns about a condition not mentioned, please contact our team prior to travel. Unfortunately, we can’t permit pregnant activity-seekers or those with photosensitive epilepsy. And if you have a bone and spine problem or a recent concussion, we’ll need to see a doctor’s certificate. If you wear glasses? For safety reasons, they may not be able to be worn.


Tight shoes and comfortable clothes must be worn while jumping. Jumping is not allowed while wearing flip flops & loose-fitting shoes or other loose items.


For safety reasons, jumpers are not allowed to take cameras and mobile phones inside the capsule.


Since Bungy jumpers are jumped according to the weight group category, we kindly request all the jumpers to allocate the full day. Reporting time at the resort for the jumps is 9 AM in the morning.

Video of Kushma Bungee

Kushma Bungee Jump Gallery

Kushma Bungee Contact Number?

Call us at +977-9823440500 for reservation and inquiry about Kushma Bungee in detail.

How far is Kushma Bungee from Pokhara?

The distance between Pokhara to Kushman Bungee is only 62 KM which takes 2 hours to reach by private transfer.

What is the height of Kushma Bungee?

Kushma Bungee height is 228 Meters.

Kushma Bungee Jump Price for Nepali?

Kushma Bungee Jump cost Rs 7000 per person for Nepali.

Couple Swing Price for Nepali?

Couple Swing cost Rs 12000. Kindly note that you weight should not be more then 140 in total.

What is the opening time of Kushma Bungee?

Kushma Bungee Jump stars from 08:00 AM.