The Cliff Kushma Bungee

The Cliff Kushma Bungee jump package booking is open now. Read more for price, package, height, location, and resort details below. Kushma Bungee is the world’s second-highest bungee jump which is located in Nepal with a height of 228 Meters. The Cliff Pvt Ltd manages the Kushma Bungee Jump and Kushma Swing Jump which was established in October 2020.

For Reservation: +977-9823440500 – WhatsApp / Viber 

The Cliff Kushma Bungee Jump Price 

The Cliff price for bungee jump is all flat for all nations. Whether you are a domestic traveler or an international one, the Kushma bungee jump price is the same. The price of a Cliff bungee jump starts from Rs 7500 per person first jumper and the same jumper gets a 50 % discount on the price for the second time. If the jumper wants to go for the third round then an extra 2500 is payable and he/she received a complimentary fourth jump.

Package Name Bungee Jump Price 
The Cliff Kushma Bungee Price for Nepali  NPR 7500 per person 
The Cliff Kushma Bungee for Indian NPR 7500 per person 
The Cliff Kushma Bungee for Chinese  NPR 7500 per person 
The Cliff Kushma Bungee for Foreigners  NPR 7500 per person 
Same Day Same Jumper – Second Time  NPR 3500 
Same-Day Same Jumper – Third Time NPR 2500
Same Day Same jumper- Fourth Time FREE 

Kushma Bungee Jump Price for Nepali

The Kushma Bungee Jump price for Nepali is Rs 7500 per person which doesn’t include photos, videos, and t-shirts. Being Nepalese citizens, each and every place or destination you will receive a special discount or privilege. Cliff Nepal is the only place in Nepal where all the nations are treated equally and the price is also the same.

You don’t receive any special discount being a Nepalese or don’t have to pay for being a foreigner which is the positive side of Kushma the Cliff.

Couple Bungee Jump in Kushma

Couple bungee jumping in Kushma is one of the most desired one but unfortunately, there is not a couple bungee jump available in Kushma. To fulfill the quest to jump with a couple, you can enjoy a couple swings in Kushma.

To get eligible for couple swing, the total weight of the couple must not exceed more than 145 KG in total.

Bungee Jumping in Kushma 

Bungee Jump in Kushma was started in October 2020 and is operated and managed by The Cliff Pvt Ltd. Being the world’s second-world highest bungee jump, bungee jump gets hypes among domestic tourists and started to receive hundreds of visits every day.

The Cliff Kushma Bungee is the highest bungee jump in Nepal among the available options. Besides the Bungee Jump in Kushma, you can enjoy plenty of other adventure sports on the premises of The Cliff.

Bungee Jump in Kushma often gets almost sold out a couple of days ago so a large number of travelers return home without doing bungee or swing in Kushma. So if you are planning for the bungee jump in Kushma then we highly suggest you make a reservation ahead of the day.

For Reservation: +977-9823440500 – WhatsApp / Viber 

The Cliff Bungee Height 

The Cliff Kushma bungee height is 228 meters (748 feet). The height of 228 meters of the Kushma bungee Jump makes The Cliff bungee world’s second-highest bungee.

Kushma Bungee Jump Contact Number 

You can get Kushma Bungee Jump’s contact number as follow. Ring for the reservation of Kushma Bungee at +977-9823440500 or you also can get in touch with us with WhatApp / Viber for an instant reply.

Besides the phone number, you also can get in touch with us via email ( ) for quotation, reservation, and general inquiries for the reservation of The Cliff Kushma Bungee.

Kushma Bungee Location Map 

Kushma Bungee is located in the western part of Nepal which is 62 KM in distance from Pokhara, a popular tourist destination. The bungee jump of Kushma is installed in the suspension bridge which links the two districts: Kushma and Parbat. The 520 meters long suspension bridge’s main intention is to offer a platform for the bungee jump and swing for the adventure seekers.

Besides the platform the swing and bungee jump, locals are also permitted to travel through the bridge after paying some amount. The bungee jump can be easily accessible from the highway so you can take a public bus to reach The Cliff Resort.

Here is the map of Kushma Bungee’s exact location you can find in the map below:

The Cliff Nepal Kushma 

The official name of Kushma Bungee is The Cliff Pvt Ltd, however, a large number of travelers know it by its place. This is one of the privately-owned companies with dozen of shareholders whose aim is to promote adventure sports in Nepal at an affordable cost.

The Cliff Nepal in Kushma also offers swing, ping, crazy bridge, Sky Chairs, and more for adventure lovers to enjoy during their visit to Kushma. Among the list, Bungee Jumping in Kushma is one of the popular sports among travelers.

And the people who are seeking accommodation can also spend the night in The Cliff Resort.

The Cliff Resort Accommodation Price 

Besides the adventure, The Cliff Resort also offers accommodation for travelers. You don’t need to be an adventure person to stay in the resort. You also can make a reservation for a room with your family and friends and enjoy other people jumping from the edge of the resort.

There are basically two types of accommodation available in The Cliff: Standard Room and Deluxe Room.

Standard Room: Standard rooms are mainly focused on group/family travelers who want to accommodate more people in one room. A maximum of 4 people can sleep in this room. You need to use a sharing washroom in the standard room which is the negative part.

The cost of a standard room is Rs 2500 per person which includes breakfast only in the price.

Deluxe Room: Deluxe rooms are targeted at couples who want more privacy and luxury. A big master bed is placed in the room, so a maximum of two people can be in the room. You can enjoy the private bathroom in this deluxe-category room.

The cost of a deluxe room is Rs 3500 per person which includes breakfast only in the price.

For Reservation: +977-9823440500 – WhatsApp / Viber 

Kushma Bungee Weight Requirement 

To participate in the adventure sports bungee, you need to be at least 40 kg and 100 kg at maximum. Less than 45 kg and more than 100 kg are not permitted for bungee jumping in Kushma.

And regarding the age, if you are 18+, then you are allowed to participate in the bungee jump.

Kushma Bungee Booking

We highly recommend our travelers make a pre-reservation for the bungee jump or swing before reaching Kushma. Making a reservation of Kushma Bungee is easy and can be done online, kindly follow the below method to confirm your seat in advance.

Step One: We need the full name of bungee or swing jumpers which is addressed in the legal document along with a valid contact number – a local number is preferred.

Step Two: Once we receive the name details, we will hold seats under the mentioned name and we can process the payment. Payment can be done via eSewa, Khalti, or bank transfer. We will share the details upon your request.

Step Three: Once the payment is made, we will send you the final voucher for the jump via WhatsApp / Viber or email.

Step Four: Display the sent voucher on the bridge counter so that you can obtain the gate pass and proceed for the jump.

Step Five: Visit The Cliff reception and show your voucher and then you will be processed to the jump.

Step Six: Enjoy the jump which was on your bucket list and now tick off the bucket-list adventure.

Bungee Jumping in Nepal 

Bungee Jumping in Nepal was firstly introduced by The Last Resort in the Bhotekoshi river which was established in 1998. The height of the Bhotekoshi Bungee is 160 meters which is the second-highest bungee jump in Asia before Kushma Bungee. A large number of travelers visited Nepal for the bungee only which is relatively affordable compared to the same height in other countries.

And the second bungee jump was installed in Pokhara by Highground Adventure whose height is 70 meters. This bungee also lures plenty of attention among domestic and international travelers. Till today, a number of short and limited budget travelers’ preferences used to be this bungee of Pokhara.

And finally, in 2020, Kushma Bungee Jump was introduced with a height of 228 meters which makes it the world’s second-highest bungee jump. Kushma Bungee is also the world’s first highest natural bungee jump which is installed in the world’s deepest George of Kaligandiki River.

Being the world’s second-highest bungee, during the COVID19 period too, hundreds of travelers experienced the adventure in Kushma.